What it is All About.

Hello, I am ScanuRag, and Scanu Productions is my personal website. I post most of the stuff I make here such as 3D models, Android Apps, Webtools, and many other personal projects (see below).

About Me

I am currently a Computer Science major at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. As the former president of Scotbotics Robotics, my local FTC team, I gained lots of real-world leadership experience with a STEM focus. I am knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Java; and I can also get by in Python and (less so) in C++. I love computers, especially when I can get linux running on them. Just about every computer I can get my hands on has some form of KDE installed, even my phone! I also love 3D printing, and I use my 3D printer for all kinds of projects from my car to model railroading. Outside of the tech world I also love skiing, hiking, dogs, and video games.

Why am I called ScanuRag

When I was in elementary school, my dad made me and my brother a Minecraft Account, not knowing that we would each need our own account to play together. He named the account ScanuRag, rag being short for "ragazzi" which means boys in Italian. I have used that name for all my online games ever since.

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