Welcome to Scanu Productions!

Check Out My Newest Game!

I've been working on my first new 3D game since Boat Race, and it's called Block Jumper. This parkour game requires lightning fast reflexes. To play, simply click on the jump pads (the red cubes) when you approach them. Do you have what it takes?

Particle Simulator Gets Caves!

The next version of the particle simulator will feature a subterranean preset complete with caves and mineral deposits! It's a lot of fun to play around with, and it might even be a little bit addictive. I just need to fix the temperature physics and then it's ready to go live!

Sierra Run!

A fun Sierra-themed mini-game. Can you get all the way across the screen? Slide under trees and jump over rocks to find out! Play Now

Sierra Code Editor has been released!

The Sierra Code Editor is my newest app. It is based on the code editor in my CMS instead of the Code Editor webtool, so it contains all the essential code editor features such as line numbers, syntax highlighting, and auto-formatting for certain languages. Sierra also comes with a built-in browser, so you can conveniently search Stack Overflow without opening a new window. If you do a lot of web programming, you could even use it to test your code! Sierra can also preview images, videos, and audio to ensure that you never mismatch file names. It is available for Windows and Linux, and you can download it here.

Tesla Cybertruck Mouse

In this video I show how I made my Cybermouse and I also test it to see how well it works for playing Star Citizen. It looks very uncomfortable but it's actually not that bad and it works pretty well as an everyday mouse.

New Game! Passing Period

Do you miss the chaos of PHS passing periods in 2019? Relive that experience in 2D with my new game, Passing Period. Set in a 2D map of PHS, there are plenty of things to do during this virtual passing period. You can head to Mulberry's to pick up some butterfingers, form a strategic partnership with Jack McInnis, or just take a brisk walk. Be careful though, if you're late to class Mr. Savage can reduce your grade! Play It Now!

My First Android App

The original Scanu Productions webtool, the How Was Your Day Generator, is now available on the play store for Android and Wear OS. Download It Now.

I 3D Printed A Mini BART Train

I 3D printed a miniature BART train that works! Just thought I'd share this because we could all use a bit do distraction during Corona Time.