TrumpWords API

How Do I Use It?

Using JavaScript, or whatever other languge you want, make a call to To Trump/api.php. The response text from that PHP file will be a JSON array of names and file paths that will look something like this: [{"text" : "A", "URL" : " To Trump/words/A.mp3"},{"text" : "About", "URL" : " To Trump/words/About.mp3"},{"text" : "Adicted", "URL" : " To Trump/words/Adicted.mp3"}]. The "text" property contains a word and the "URL" property contains the URL to the MP3 associated with that word.


I offer this API completely for free. All I ask is that if you use my API you credit me somwhere, as I have probrably wasted far too many hours cutting words out of Trump speeches

Projects That Use My API